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Because By Course Evaluations, It's Too Late

Most student feedback comes at the end of the semester via course evaluations. One Instructional Technologist called these 'The Autopsy' because problems are only uncovered when it's too late to solve them. Feedback Box complements course evaluations by letting students share safe, actionable feedback with professors starting from the first day of class. 


Students safely voice concerns about classroom issues dealing with culture, race, or sexual orientation

Teaching Style

Professors receive suggestions about speed, tone of voice, and overall classroom presence


Students request slides or assignments posted, and opine on class pace and workload


Professors receive encouragement, including, "This class rocks!" and "The only thing missing from break is your class"

Professors Benefit:

More Positive Course Evaluations

Feedback Box has directly increased retention and student satisfaction. Research by HG Murray has shown that student ratings of college teaching effectiveness tend to improve after students had the chance to give intermittent feedback.

Students Benefit: Feeling Engaged

"Feedback Box is such a user-friendly vehicle for students to directly and anonymously express their sentiments about a course to their professor.​


Students feel like their voices are consistently heard while professors have the opportunity to shape the course around student responses.

My classroom experience is enriched by Feedback Box, and I hope more of my professors encourage students to utilize this excellent academic tool." 

- Adriana Lopez, Yale University 2019

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